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Get a 20 dollar referral bonus from Laser 1040 your Billings Montana Tax Preparation company

Here is how it works.

After we prepare your taxes, one of our professiol tax advisors will give you several Referral Coupons, pre-printed with your name already on them. All you have to do is give that Referral Coupon to a friend.  They bring it in.  We prepare your friends taxes.  You get a check for $20 bucks. It’s that simple :)

So let’s look at this.

Refer 2 friends and we will send you a check for $40.
Refer 5 friends and we will send you a check for $100.
Refer 10 friends and we will send you a check for $200

You do the math.  It’s all works out in your favor every single time. :)

OK! So what exactly does this mean to you?
You can essentially get your taxes done for free.  In fact we could end up paying you to do your taxes. After all if you are a new client you automatically saved $20.  You referred a few friends and we sent you money.

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What happens after I share this page?
Tell your friend to give us your name. We will have your information on file if you are an existing customer. If you are a new customer and we have not prepared your taxed yet, just tell us at the time we prepare your taxes. You will always receive credit for your referrals.  You may also PRINT OUR COUPON right now and pass them out to your friends.  Just make sure to write your name on the Referral Coupon.

Sharing Laser 1040 your Montana Tax Service Company is Sexy